OneViewX System


OneViewX – General description and intended use

OneViewX is a modern digital medical recorder consisting of a software module installed on appropriate medical grade hardware (compliant to ISO60601 standards) to receive video signals acquired from different devices present in a common operating or interventional room and display them, simultaneously, on a single dedicated monitor.


Up to eight video signals can be captured simultaneously of various formats and types.

In addition to live playback of video sources, the software records the video displayed on the monitor in an .AVI video file.

Video source capturing and its simultaneous playback are done by converting the colours to the correct format (RGB or Greyscale) and with a frame rate of 25 fps.


OneViewX lets you:

  • Configure the resolution (pixel x pixel) for capturing each video source
  • Change the position of the various video sources on the dedicated screen as they are captured
  • Place timestamp markers while capturing video sources to facilitate the recovery of key stages of the procedure
  • Place timestamp markers automatically when the fluoroscopy is activated by operators
  • Capture the procedure room video using the tools designed for this purpose (video cameras, webcams, etc.)
  • Mask the area where personal data could be displayed on the screen; acquired videos are made anonymous from the beginning
  • Crop each video image to be represented in the best way on the screen
  • Put a video image over another one to make picture in picture


To share in real-time the video image displayed by the software on the local monitor, a third-party software can be used for remote desktop sharing; OneViewX natively integrates the CISCO WebEx or LifeSize API software to automate its start-up upon the operator’s request.


OneViewX is not a medical device in accordance to section 201(h) of the Federal Food Drug & Cosmetic (FD&C) Act because it’s not intended for use in the diagnosis of disease or other conditions, or in the cure, mitigation, treatment, or prevention of disease, in man or other animals.

OneViewX is not intended to be used as an accessory for one or more specific medical devices.

Acquired videos can be used for education and training purposes or to perform remote technical support on one or more connected devices.


OneViewX Concept


OneViewX system allows you to acquire simoultaneously all the video signals coming from the the medical devices used in a common OR. Typical video signals, that can be acquired, are:

  • Fluoroscopy
  • Polygraph
  • IVUS
  • Echo
  • ICD/PM Programmer
  • Full HD Videocamera

The entire interventional procedure is recorded into a unique video file (.avi extension) and stored locally on the OneViewX Workstation.


OneViewX allows to broadcast in real time  the screen using the internet connection. This enables several scenarios for the physician as teleproctoring, e-learning and remote assistance of physicians from the other side of the world.


Put a marker in an interesting moment of the procedure and the software automatically creates a short video of the that can be stored into the OneViewX Workstation or into the OneViewX Cloud.


The Video created using OneViewX can be stored into the OneViewX Cloud and can be edited and shared with other physicians during congresses or through e-learning platform such as Vascupedia.

Patented Features

OneViewX integrates innovatives patented features to improve user experience and protect Data Privacy of the patient.

All the software features can be managed through an useful remote control.

All the data of the patient and the references of the procedures are hidden with a black label. Thanks to this features OneViewX doesn’t manage Sensible Data.
All the video recorded with the system are natively anonymized, so, no registration can be traced back to a specific patient.

You can rotate the three video sources in order to enlarge the most interesting image.

During the recording and / or Live case you can change the video sources to be displayed.

Put a marker in an interesting moment of the procedure and the software
automatically creates a short video thatn can be stored into the OneViewX Cloud.

Put a marker in an interesting moment of the procedure and the software
automatically creates a short video that can be stored into the OneViewX Cloud.


Fields of Application

Possibility to record and store most interesting cases.

The possibility to share real time videos during the procedure execution
makes possible and easy to carry out remote support by experts from the
device company canceling risks related to X-ray exposure and not authorized
presence in the operating room.

The possibility to stream an interesting case to a scientific community
during a webinar or an institutional congress give to the medical staff the opportunity to create links with foreign colleagues and to share the knowledge in an easy way.

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