Tilt Test Bed, is a dynamic electrified bed for hospital use, for passive postural changes or Tilt test, with high regulation (min 55cm- max 90 cm) and complete board inclination from -20° to 85°.

Two models of SparkBio tilt beds are available (basic and full optional).

This product can be automatically managed throught pedal control or through our Valsalva Monitor.

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The leading technology for continuous non-invasive blood pressure measurement, autonomic testing and hemodynamics!

Finapres Medical Systems BV, based in the Netherlands, develops and distributes medical devices and software for totally non-invasive hemodynamic monitoring. These devices are the result of over 30 years of research and user experiences in this area of ​​expertise.

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Finapres Medical Systems has set a standard with its technology for non-invasive continuous blood pressure monitoring, the Finapres NOVA. This blood pressure monitor was fitted up with various (optional) hardware modules and software applications. Due to its success there was a demand for a ‘stripped’ OEM module based on the Finapres technology. The core of the Finapres NOVA (controls and separate monitoring module) was to be compressed into a single module that could be attached to the patient’s wrist. This OEM module, the Finapres Nano Core, can be connected to the Finapres NOVA or to a system of a different manufacturer. Just as they did for the development of the Finapres NOVA, Finapres Medical Systems and DEMCON developers worked closely together to develop the Nano Core.

Miniaturisation was the biggest mechatronic challenge: to accommodate the full functionality in a small form factor, with limited mass and heat emission (in part to ensure wearing comfort). The software challenge was to develop a new architecture that would make the Nano Core suitable for diverging OEM applications. The NOVA is primarily used in research and to a limited extent in the clinical domain, however, the Nano Core makes it much easier to enter the clinical market. Specific requirements had to be met for this application: stricter certification criteria as a medical product, sufficient accuracy and reliability with a view to standardisation and the ability to issue alerts, and the need to be defibrillator-proof. Naturally, DEMCON also considered factors such as cost price and producibility (availability of components) during the design phase.

The requirements for a medical apparatus regarding its functionality, reliability and user-friendliness are ever-increasing. Accordingly, the development of a new blood pressure measurement system is a complex and multi-facetted task. This is why Finapres Medical Systems contracted DEMCON for the development of a new blood pressure measurement device. DEMCON has broad experience with the development of medical systems. DEMCON combines all technical disciplines under one roof, including system engineering, mechanical and electronic engineering, software development and industrial design. In addition, DEMCON has the required know-how regarding the international medical instrumentation guide lines and is experienced in the product certification process.


During the development of the new blood pressure measurement system, the Finapres NOVA, next to its user-friendliness the emphasis was placed on a modular implementation of a wide variety of functions. This is why the Finapres NOVA was developed as a measurement platform. For this platform, a variety of hardware modules and software applications are offered. On the hardware side the ECG, the oxygen saturation, the upper-arm calibration, and the analog input/output modules are already available. The available software applications include the ANS module for analyzing the autonomic nervous system, the hemodynamic module, that provides a large range of hemodynamic parameters such as the Cardiac Output, and a software module for optimizing the performance of pacemakers based on the blood pressure signature. The Finapres NOVA customer is thus in a position to configure a blood pressure measurement system tailored to his or her needs.

Finger cuff

The blood pressure measurement systems of Finapres make use of a finger cuff. This cuff integrates two systems, a pressure system and a sensor system. The sensor system registers variations in the diameter of the finger artery. These variations are counter-acted by the pressure system of the cuff. This requires that the air pressure in the cuff can be increased or reduced rapidly, within milliseconds. The blood pressure is calculated from the air pressure in the cuff. By using a finger cuff, it is possible to monitor the blood pressure continuously for extended periods of time in a patient-friendly manner.

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